Research in Homeopathy

Research in Homeopathy

Whenever critics may say That HOMEOPATHY does not have any good research. we can confidently inform them that they are not familiar with The SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE. The following summarizes a number of good double-blind Homeopathy studies including both LABORATORY STUDIES as well as CLINICAL RESEARCH. HOMEOPATHY also has a most IMPRESSIVE ACCUMULATION OF STATISTICS that has been acquired over The last 200 years. In a time and age when medicines have a rapid turnover due to harmful side effects or ineffectiveness, Homeopathy has stood the TEST OF TIME. As basic truths will always exist, so have the remedies of Homeopathy. It should be known that In 1975 the U.S. CONGRESS OFFICE OF TECHNOLOGY ASSESSMENT estimated That only 10-20% of all CONVENTIONAL MEDICAL PRACTICES have been shown to be EFFICACIOUS BY CONTROLLED TRAIL.

Early Homeopathy Research:

To the surprise of most, The FIRST DOUBLE BLIND CROSS-OVER STUDY EVER PERFORMED was done in 1906 BY HOMEOPATHS. This impressive study was done concurrently in eleven different cities on fifteen subjects. This particular experiment consisted of 665 pages, which was The Research Provings of BELLADONNA. 

Also at the turn of The century. a book was published called "The LOGIC OF FIGURES or COMPARATIVE RESULTS OF HOMEOPATHICAND OTHER TREATMENTS. This book provides dozens of charts comparing dis-ease and death rates in Homeopathic and Allopathic Hospitals. This also included the epidemic diseases of scarlet fever, yellow fever, typhoid. etc. The HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITALS usually had 50 TO 80% LESS DEATHS PER 100 PEOPLE, depending on The disease compared.

Another early double blind Homeopathy study was sponsored by the BRITISH GOVERNMENT DURING WORLD WAR II, The experiment demonstrated that those given Homeopathic Remedies experienced SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT IN BURNS FROM MUSTARD GAS in comparison to those given a Placebo. A 1982 review provided further substantiation of the statistical significance of the Homeopathy research.

Laboratory Evidence:

The number one criticism of the scientific community has been the "infinitesimal" nature or the dilution principle of Homeopathy. Homeopaths do agree that once a remedy is diluted beyond 24x or 12C potencies. they are diluted beyond Avagadro's Number (6.23 x 10-23) which theoretically indicates that no molecules are present in the original substance. However, both LABORATORY AND CLINICAL RESULTS over The last 190 years have demonstrated definite effectiveness with Homeopathic remedies beyond this dilution.

A recent NUCLEAR MAGNETIC RESONANCE (NMR) study showed that all twenty-three different Homeopathic Remedies and Potencies tested had DISTINCTIVE READINGS OF SUBMOLECULAR ACTIVITY, while The Placebos did not. This demonstrates That homeopathy's function is not so much chemical but energetic. As Chiropractors, you will observe dramatic clearing of sensory nerve Interference and pathological reflex activity causing chronic recurring subluxation activity and dis-ease.


A recent double-blinded study has shown THE ANTIVIRAL EFFECT OF HOMEOPATHIC REMEDIES EIGHT OF THE TEN remedies tested INHIBITED VIRUSES in chicken embryos from 50 to 100 PERCENT depending on The potencies used.

Heavy Metals:

The respected journal. HUMAN TOXICOLOGY. published a study showing that Homeopathic doses of arsenic eliminated crude doses of trapped arsenic that had been previously fed to rats.

Lowered Serum Cholesterol:

Four German Scientists at a Veterinary College showed That Homeopathic Chelidonium had LOWERED SERUM CHOLESTEROL when given twice a day to rabbits on a cholesterol rich diet.

Reduced Labor Problems:

British Veterinarian, Christopher Day, had conducted several pilot studies demonstrating how Homeopathic Remedies had REDUCED LABOR PROBLEMS in cattle. STILL BIRTHS in pigs, and MASTITIS in cattle.


The Cancer Research Center in India found that of the 77 mice That received a transplant in FIBROSARCOMA, 52 PERCENT SURVIVED more than one year with Homeopathic Remedies. The 77 mice That were untreated died within 10-15 days.

Pain Control:

Scientists at a BRITISH SCHOOL of PHARMACY found that rodents given Hypericum were able to INHIBIT PAIN RESPONSES. Rodents were able to remain on a hot plate longer than the control group. When given NaLoxone. which inhibits pain killing endorphins, the protective effects of Hypericum was reduced, showing that Homeopathic Hypericum activates endorphins when needed. Please note that these rodents were free to walk off the hot plate whenever discomfort was noticed.


Homeopathic Apis and Histamine have a significant effect on reducing the release of certain allergy-causing chemicals from Basophils, which demonstrates one reason for Homeopathy’s positive effects on allergies.

Improved Immune Function:

A respected pharmacology journal showed that Homeopathic Silica had a significant effect on STIMULATING MACROPHAGES in mice, which destroy foreign particles, bacteria, and old cells.

Rheumatoid Arthritis:

CLINICAL EVIDENCE: The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a double-blind Homeopathy experiment on patients with RHEUMATOID ARTHRITIS. An IMPRESSIVE 82 PERCENT OF THOSE GIVEN A HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINE EXPERIENCED SOME RELIEF OF SYMPTOMS, while only 21 percent of Those given a placebo experienced any similar degree of improvement.

Dental Neuralgia:

Another double-blind Homeopathy trial was conducted on patients with DENTAL NEURALGIC PAIN FOLLOWING tooth extraction. An impressive 76 PERCENT of those given the Homeopathic medicine Arnica and Hypericum EXPERIENCED RELIEF OF PAIN.

Vertigo & Nausea:

The respected GERMAN PHARMACOLOGICAL JOURNAL demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in REDUCING VERTIGO AND NAUSEA with a Homeopathic combination formula.

Reduced Labor Time & Complications:

French researchers recently completed a double-blind trial using a Homeopathic Formula to TREAT PREGNANT WOMEN. The study found this Homeopathic Formula to REDUCE LABOR TIME and DECREASE ABNORMAL LABOR. The average labor time of the women given the Homeopathic Formula was 5.1 HOURS, while the Placebo Group was 8.5 HOURS. ONLY 11.3 PERCENT OF THE WOMEN GIVEN THE HOMEOPATHIC FORMULA had any ABNORMAL LABOR, while 40 PERCENT of the Placebo Group had an ABNORMAL LABOR.

Dignitaries Who Have Supported Homeopathy:

Quaid – e – Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Said "I am glad to learn that Homeopathic System is becoming quite popular, besides America or Europe, in all sections of population in the subcontinent".... 1937

In England, The Royal Family has regularly used Homeopathy since the 1830’s. Today, QUEEN ELIZABETH II is a patron to the famed Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and PRINCE CHARLES is known to carry Homeopathic medicines whenever he travels.

GAY GAER LUCE. Ph.D. (twice winner of The National Science Writer’s Award) said that, "Homeopathy is a highly developed health practice that uses a systematic approach to the totality of a person’s health. Anyone seeking a fuller understanding of health and healing will find Homeopathy extremely important and applicable."

MARK TWAIN once said: ".... (For) the introduction of Homeopathy, which forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. YOU MAY HONESTLY FEEL GRATEFUL THAT HOMEOPATHY SURVIVED THE ATTEMPTS OF THE ALLOPATHS (THE ORTHODOX PHYSICIANS) TO DESTROY IT." Harper’s Magazine. February 1890.

WILLIAM JAMES stated that, "An enormous mass of experience, both of Homeopathic doctors and their patients, is invoked in favor of the efficacy of these remedies and doses."

JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER thought that Homeopathy is a "progressive and aggressive step in medicine."